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Workhaus seeks to establish an environment for thinkers and fabricators to explore, design, and create together.

By fostering a space for open, collaborative design, Workhaus enables individuals and clients to experiment, prototype, and manifest ideas into reality.


Workhaus is a metal-oriented digital fabrication studio in New Orleans. We conceptualize, design, prototype, fabricate, and finish custom CNC plasma cut objects for clients, designers, architects, and builders. The primary materials we can work with are mild, stainless, and galvanized steel ranging from thin gauge to 1/2" thick. Workhaus also provides wood fabrication components as needed for the completion of your project.


We're here to help you discover the best solution to your design challenge. 



Eric founded Workhaus in the summer of 2016 after graduating with a Masters of Architecture from Tulane University. From a very young age, he has enjoyed working with his hands, honing his craft through a variety of materials from cardboard to steel.  Eric seeks to create functional and thoughtful objects that exhibit the true expression of a material. 

Eric Lynn

Head Honcho + Founder

Matzo Ball has been running through dust piles in the shop since the summer of 2018. His recent promotion to Floor Supervisor was prompted by his keen observations for fallen fasteners and dedication to his domain - the shop floor.


He keeps Eric on schedule with regular breaks for food and play time. Matzo Ball seeks to discover the crunchiest leaf in the yard, while having a healthy work/nap balance. 


Matzo Ball

Floor Supervisor + Shop Dog


Helping hands are essential, especially if they're good company. The following are a few of the friends who help us through design challenges, heavy lifting, existential crises, and much more:


Shelby Mills

Malcolm Kriegel 

Doug Harmon

Matt Raybon

John Ludlam  

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